VCF Academy show what they can do versus 'Evergrande Football School'

Guangzhou Evergrande enjoy a special experience at the VCF Academy

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Three Chinese teams from Evergrande get to experience in Valencia

It wasn't an ordinary Wednesday at Paterna. Three teams from the prestigious 'Evergrande Football School' in Madrid visited the VCF Academy. The youngsters were shown around the facilities, enjoyed some great weather and were welcomed by VCF Academy director Luis Vicente Mateo and general co-ordinator Sergio Ventosa.

Victory wasn't the most important thing, however. The visiting teams got to match up against some strong Valencia CF sides who continue to impress and live up to their reputations season after season both domestically and internationally.

VCF Academy director Luis Vicente Mateo was very pleased with the visit: "It is a way of learning how other academies work, and among those is Evergrande's, who are very important on an international level. They also get to know how we work and the facilities that we have at a big club like Valencia CF. It is a really positive relationship to have between both parties."