Valencia CF26 May 2024

 Baraja: “We should make a positive analysis and think that this is a step closer to what we want to be and what we are going to look for”  

The coach talks following the match vs. Celta (2-2)

Valencia CF coach Rubén Baraja spoke after his side’s game against RC Celta Vigo on LaLiga Matchday 38.  

Competing until the end 

I haven't had that feeling. It was a match influenced by the tiredness accumulated during the season, the tension of the competition. But there were twists and turns. We almost always took the initiative in the game in terms of chances and the result. Celta are a team that tried to look for an equaliser when they were losing, looking to come back into the game. I think it was a fairly intense match, considering that there was no objective at stake. For us it was important to give a good showing and compete well. We knew that Celta are a team that had a good dynamic and I think the team has competed. We just lacked the win victory, with the chances we had in the game.

Positive balance

I'm not one for giving marks. But, with the expectations that we had at the beginning of the season, the difficulty that we experienced during the summer transfer market, with what has been happening during the season, when in some moments like today we had our two left backs out, the fact that we have had to give opportunities to very young players as we go along... I think the analysis is very positive in terms of the evolution and growth of the team. It's not that we have to be really happy, because we always want more. But the feeling is that the team, except for this final stretch with the wear and tear of the competition, should analyse positively and think that this is a step closer to what we want to be and what we are going to look for. We will seek to improve, like everyone.

His conversation with the referee

These are things that remain on the pitch. I had been talking to the fourth official about some debatable situations, but nothing more than that. It was more about the moment in the game, in which from certain actions you could appeal for a card, but nothing more than that. In the end, all situations are reasonable. We coaches talk too much because of the tension we have in the dugout, but it’s nothing more than that. I spoke to him after the game and he understood.

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