Seven years ago we set out to dominate the world of eSports by being the first Spanish Laliga football club to create an eSports players division. To this day, you have seen us compete in the best national and international tournaments of the best eSports games. League of legends, Hearthstone, Rocket League, Clash Royal, Fornite and Fifa. Our players have always defended the shirt with pride, lifting fans out of their seats and on some occasions also lifting trophies.

Currently, our FC24 team is led by Jaime who will try to lead us to success in the tournament organised by Laliga.


It is this new season, when our path has crossed with Ramboot Club. Our new travelling companion who, as well as leading one of the most solid eSports projects, is a Valencian brother who will help us to take our flag to the top of eSports.

We intend to represent you in the competition, entertain you, excite you, but above all we want you to feel proud to see your shield giving every last drop of sweat to achieve victory.


In this new season, from the eSports division, we are participating in the best FC24 tournament, Laliga FC Pro.

The FC24 team has Jaime, a Valencianista from Zamora who participated in the tournament organised at Mestalla by Playstation and Vicente Haz who is our coach.


In addition, two seasons ago, we made the leap to the Asian territory, where we have an Arena of Valor team competing in the ROV league in Thailand. A new challenge for a project that continues to grow and expand into other territories.

Playstation TOURNAMENT In Mestalla

Playstation chose Valencia CF in Spain as its exclusive eSports team for an international tournament. More than 3,000 players across Europe and Korea participated to be one of the 16 finalists who would play the finals at the Mestalla stadium. Oliver, from Denmark, became the first FIFA champion to see the oldest stadium in the Spanish league.


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