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Valencia CF legend and Valencia CF ambassador, Miguel Tendillo, was the protagonist of l'Informatiu on VCF Media Radio to show his support for those affected by the tragic fire in the Campanar neighbourhood and to analyse the upcoming match against Real Madrid at Mestalla.

Match against Real Madrid CF

"The fire will weigh heavily on the spirits of the fans and Valencia CF fans will behave as they always have done. We should also add that the team has nothing to do with the situation we were in last year. We are a bit more comfortable in terms of the standings and points. These are matches that both FC Barcelona and Real Madrid CF are special. We have to think that we can beat Real Madrid CF, as we did last year. 

The situation is different, but three points at stake would put us in a very good place. We have to fight for those 6/7 games at Mestalla. If you beat Real Madrid CF it's more than three points. We have to trust in the lads, in the team and Baraja".

Tribute and recognition of the victims

 "We have experienced it very closely because we Valencians have one virtue, and that is that we have shown our solidarity with all the people affected. We know that the match is important, but there is no doubt that during that minute's silence, we don't care about the points, only about the wellbeing of the families affected".

Exemplary fanbase

We have to be as we have always been. There have been very few times when we've had trouble. The fans will know how to be as they always are: cheering on the team, which is the important thing, and forget about everything. As a player who has been on the pitch, I know the strength of the fans, who support you in difficult moments. 

In these games, normally, the tension is to beat Real Madrid and to keep an eye on the points. Both the players and all of us focus on the games. The fans have always been up to the task and have shown it. Those on the other side can't doubt that we don't have a great fan base and that we don't know how to be there. The important thing is that the fans come out to cheer the team on.

Figure of the ambassadors

 "In our situation, we are closer to the social level than the sporting level. For us, the fact that we welcome people we can help in whatever way we can, through Valencia CF, is that first and foremost, we are people and our feelings are to help as much as possible all the people who are in need because of everything that has happened. 

The telephone calls to the people affected by the tragic fire

"At times like these, everything is appreciated. I know that words are not enough, but we contribute from all sides, everyone contributes by "doing their bit".

 Diego López

"He provides us with a lot of freshness because of his pace and one of the advantages we have is the quickness with which we counter-attack and that's very important".

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