Valencia CF03 April 2024

Baraja: “I expect a very good Granada who are going to make it difficult for us”

The Valencia CF coach talks before the game against Granada CF

Valencia CF coach Rubén Baraja talked in a press conference before the rescheduled LaLiga game against Granada CF, which takes place on Thursday night.

The match against Granada CF

“I don't believe we should think that Granada have no possibilities. They are going to compete well against us, they are playing at home in front of their fans and it’s an opportunity to pick up points again. Even if you are not doing well in the standings, there is honour and pride. You draw on these things and they are a team that have quality. Their dynamic is not positive, but I expect a very good Granada who are going to make it difficult for us. We prepare each match thinking about focusing on what we are capable of doing and then carrying it out. There are still many games left and the only reality is that after the matches we have had and the form we are in, the competition itself, the effort from the players, the hard work, the conviction they have shown during the season, has all led us to this situation. It is something that we have worked on for every game and we are going to try to carry it out in the game against Granada.”

Sandoval’s comments

“He is in a situation where he has just arrived at a team that need to react, and they will have the idea that in this game they can win. That's what we work for. We have to focus on the match and concentrate on what we have to do well to have a good game.”

Sergi Canos

“He is in the squad.”

Getting into Europe

“It means competing every game and working and persisting to get points. If the way the competition goes takes us to those privileged positions, then we should enjoy it and celebrate it. We are going to give our all. Since the season began, our demands have been at the maximum in every sense, in terms of trying to get the best out of each player and the team as a whole. Our ambition is to finish as high as possible, but that must be earned on the pitch.”

The club’s way of working 

“At a club there is a coach, a sporting director, a commercial director, a marketing director and a president, and I believe that the usual channels used by any club are used here. I don't give importance to those things. We talk things over. I don't ask myself why one person or another is in charge. I'm focused on what I do, on getting the team to perform and being able to make the team improve."


“He has returned because he is within the timeframe scheduled to come back and doing rehabilitation. He has done a part of that in France and has to undergo check-ups there. The idea is that the bulk of the recovery work will be done here. The feeling he has is good, he is encouraged. He will be coming and going.”

Aspects to improve

“Football is about scoring goals, finding the difference in the result through goals. There have been moments in the season when we have generated fewer chances and we have been more effective. Now, perhaps, in the last two games we have had situations where we have not been successful. This is part of the moments of the season, the dynamic. It means keeping going, working and ensuring that the team maintains its identity and its fundamental principles.”

His involvement in the Legends Game

“I am coming into the game in rough shape physically. I would like to be better, younger and able to play without problems. I don't know if I will make it or not."

Yaremchuk’s absence

“It is a significant loss because he was in good form and he felt good. It's a shame, but it's something that we've been going through all season due to one situation or another, with either serious or minor injuries. You either lament it or convince yourself that other players can take advantage of the opportunity.”

A lack of goals scored and conceded

“I always talk about moments of the season. Sometimes opposing teams have many chances and don't score, other times they get you once and score. The team have been able to be efficient in terms of our chances, and also on a defensive level. The team have been balanced, which is important and gives you points. I try to see the glass as half full.”

The change to the calendar

“It's different than usual, but we are focused on working hard and on what we can do tomorrow. The evaluation of the season must be positive, because there are not only points and results involved, but also work done with our identity, which has seen us competing and overcoming problems. It all seems crazy to me. What the team are achieving, with what we aimed for at the beginning of the season, excites me. We can see how they have grown and how those that were almost untried are now consolidated. Logically we want to be at the top, but that alone makes me feel excited about what we have experienced this season. We are missing the culmination, but it is a beautiful season.”

André Almeida

“He has quality and great final ball, but he has had a long injury and it is my decision that he does not play more minutes than he has done, but in the time left this season I hope things change. I'll have to give him minutes.”

Plans for 2024/25

“I haven’t thought about it. This goes in steps. First we have to hold a meeting and then evaluate things.”

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