Academy03 July 2024

Friendship over everything at the VCF Academy world cup 

The VCF Academy Wold Cup All Stars with the presence of the best players from each of the teams from America, Asia and Europe.

The VCF Academy World Cup has many attractions for the participants: the trip, the experience with the teammates, the experiences beyond football, and of course the tournament. And within the tournament there is a very special match: the All Stars that brings together the most outstanding players of each team to face a VCF Academy team.

This All Stars was the highlight of the Saturday afternoon, with the full attention of everyone in the CIutat Esportiva del Valencia CF both players and all parents and accompanying persons. The first step was to get to know the selection and composition of the All Stars team, and then try to show on the pitch why they were the best.

So the duel between the All Stars and a combined team from the VCF Academy -the FVCF Alevín and VCF Alevín B- with the added difficulty for the All Stars of not having played together previously and knowing each other just a few days of coexistence at the Ciutat Esportiva.



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