Valencia CF04 July 2024

Hugo Duro: “I’m very happy to be staying at Valencia CF for many years”

The Valencia CF striker talks about his renewal

Valencia CF striker, Hugo Duro, spoke about his renewal through to June 30th, 2028.

The renewal

“Hopefully there will be more. Since I came to Valencia CF I have felt very loved by the fans, by the staff at the club, my teammates... being able to continue here for many years makes me very happy. I love being at Valencia CF, it's great, playing at Mestalla is a luxury that few players can say they have and, for me, it makes me very happy."


“So much has changed in 3 years, but for the better. Things are going well, and let's hope they get better as there is always room for improvement. I am very happy with these 3 years I have been here, I hope there are many more and, up to now, I have very good memories of Valencia CF."


“My values in football of hard work, ambition and humility are what people like about me, and from the first day they supported me. I had a very good first year that made people love me, whilst last year it was a bit difficult for me, but even in the worst moments they helped me because they saw that, even if things didn't work out for me, I worked hard, supported the team, and gave it everything -even if things didn't work out for me. I am very happy with how this past season turned out. Seeing people celebrate my goals is a joy, it makes the hairs on your neck stand on end. I am very happy to have that relationship with the people of Valencia.”

Preparing for the 2024/25 preseason

“In elite level football it is no longer enough to come back and prepare at the club. You have to have a base, a minimum, established. A good preseason can make the difference during the year.”

Wearing the number 9 shirt

“I've always liked it. It is true that it carries responsibility, but overall I really like it. It looks very nice on the shirt. I told my father that I would like to be the no.9 for Valencia CF, at least in terms of the shirt, then on the pitch I had to earn it. It's been a good year and we've all ended up happy."

Being the top scorer on the team

“You have to have ambition and if this past year I have scored 13 goals, I have to set the goal of, at least, equalling that -and trying to surpass it.”

Veterans in the squad

“That is also a responsibility. I am delighted with it. When I see the kids coming up, I've been there and I know what I would have liked in that situation. I try to help them as much as possible and on top of that they are people who try to learn, always with a smile on their face. We have a very good group here, in which we are all similar in terms of how we are. We listen, learn, work and have a good time, and I think it is also a great achievement, in part, by Baraja.”

The fans

“One of the reasons why I fell in love with Valencia CF was because of the fans and Mestalla. I hope we have a lot of happiness together and that they continue chanting my name, which is awesome to hear.”

His Top 3 moments with Valencia CF

“My best moment is the goal from the Copa del Rey final. I even got that moment tattooed on me. It's a unique moment and I like it a lot. My second best would be the game in which I made my debut against Real Madrid CF and scored a goal. It was amazing. And the third would be the quarter finals in the first year, when Iscored a goal and an assist and was applauded off at Mestalla for the first time. That moment left me speechless.”

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