Valencia CF13 September 2021 to donate shirt space to Valencia CF fans in Copa del Rey opener

Owners of the club’s official Fan Tokens ($VCF) will be able to choose between five different designs and messages, via the platform

Valencia CF and Main Partner have united to launch an unprecedented campaign, which will allow Valencianistas to decide on the shirt design for the team’s first game in the Copa del Rey., creators of the official Valencia CF Fan Tokens, will lend their space on the front of the shirt so that Valencia CF become the first club in the world to allow fans to choose the design and message that the players will display. The team will debut this new design in their first match in the Copa del Rey, which will be played on December 1.

Voting will take place through the app, and all fans who own at least one $VCF Fan Token can participate. These fans will be able to vote for one of five different designs that pay tribute to different milestones and values of the club, the city and its fans. Voting will start on Monday, September 20th.

One of the five designs will be revealed per day throughout this week on the club's social network accounts and The first has already been presented today:

1919 – Ꝏ


This design pays tribute to the history of Valencia CF, founded 102 years ago at Bar Torino by a group of friends who were passionate about football. Today, the club have millions of fans around the world, but the passion and camaraderie that led to their foundation remain intact.

The shirt chosen for this pioneering in elite football is the Legacy Kit, a new design with the Blue Lemonade and Vibrant Orange colours. PUMA, as part of an international campaign with its main clubs in Europe, have replaced the traditional badge with the name of the club, which crosses the shirt from left to right.

"This pioneering initiative is a perfect example of the mission that inspired the creation of, which is to empower sports fans, involving them in the day-to-day running of their club and giving them more and more prominence," explains Gilbert Camilleri, Marketing Director of

Valencia CF highlight that this development is “part of the determined commitment of the club to innovation, and to exploring new formats to connect with new audiences around the world".

New opportunity to obtain $VCF Fan Tokens

With their agreement with, Valencia CF have entered the new generation of Fan Engagement. This is the fourth survey launched since they put their Fan Tokens on sale in July. Previously, Valencia CF allowed fans to decide the song that plays when the team goes out to warm up at Mestalla, and the design of the team's entrance arch, among other choices.

The $VCF Fan Token was launched on July 27th through the app. 1 million units were put up for sale, selling out in just a few hours. Those who were unable to purchase will get another opportunity through from Tuesday, September 14th. To participate in the surveys, it is necessary to have at least one Token, but the more that are owned, the more influence the owner possesses in decision making. is the creator of Fan Tokens, digital assets designed to bring sports fans closer to the clubs and organisations that they support. More than 35 sports organisations around the world have already launched their Fan Token through this platform, including European football giants such as FC Barcelona, ​​Manchester City, Juventus, Inter Milan, Atletico Madrid and Arsenal.

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