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Jaume Domènech: "I have the VCF DNA inside me"

First words of the Valencia CF goalkeeper after signing his contract extension with Valencia CF

Valencia CF goalkeeper, Jaume Domènech, speaks to VCF Media after signing his contract extension with Valencia CF.

The team's surprise

"I didn't expect it, it was actually a very pleasant surprise. Seeing Georgi and José here with me and saying that about me made me very happy. Happy for the renewal and happy to listen to my teammates and what they think of me. That gives me even more strength to continue training hard every day, to continue helping the team, the club, to continue meeting objectives and to continue growing".

Saturday's game against Real Betis

Yes, this Saturday is going to be an exciting game. We are very excited, and we are training in a very, very focused way. Mestalla has been accompanying us all year in a spectacular way and this Saturday is going to be the same. With our fans and playing at home, I believe that we are going to be able to achieve the win and continue growing - and see how far we can go.

The dressing room

Yes, we have a very united group, but it is also true that it is still a very, very young group, without a lot of experience. In everyday moments, in preseason, during the season, when I see opportune moments, I try to talk to each one of them, anticipating what I think could happen, preventing those situations that could occur, and I think that that's important too. And they value it because it's like getting them aware of a situation before something happens. I feel comfortable helping them and that is why some of them will tell you that I am like a father to them.

Valencia CF career

I came up from the reserve team and I have the Valencia CF DNA within me. I have also been in the first team for many years, as captain too, with José, and in the end, we carry that within us. So I think we are the right people in the dressing room to transmit that to our teammates, to the younger ones, and also to the not-so-young ones who maybe come from somewhere else. I think we are achieving this, because everyone has a total commitment to the team, to the city, and to the club, and I think it is being seen day by day. We have to continue in this way to see how far we can grow.

Rubén Baraja

The absolute leader of the team is the coach, he is our example. He was a great player and that also leads you to have admiration before even meeting him. With what he is demonstrating as a coach, he has us all motivated, all prepared to play, or prepared not to play but to help from the outside. I think we are seeing total commitment and a very united team, and that is the key to our performance so far. We have to stay up there and continue along that path, even in the aspects that can be improved, improving them little by little.

The fanbase

The fans are incredible. We are really happy with them. Mestalla is packed for every game, they give us a lift and we have proof of that the other day in Pamplona. The fans travelled there and they gave us amazing support.

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