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J. Vázquez: "It's a huge motivation and a lot of pride to be able to continue at Valencia CF" 

First words from Valencia CF's left-back after his contract renewal 

Valencia CF's defender, Jesús Vázquez spoke to VCF Media following his contract renewal for an additional season (until June 30th 2026).

Contract renewal

"For me, above all a lot of pride and a huge motivation to be able to continue at Valencia CF, because in the end there are many years of my life, practically all of it here. I face it with great enthusiasm".


"I have gone through all the fields and categories, and that also fills me with great pride to know that I am also part of all that and that you represent many people who have been with you for a long time. I hope that everyone will be very proud".


"The responsibility is greater. You have acquired things that other teammates have taught you and obviously, you then have to transfer that to those who are coming up, to those who are moving into the first team. Things like values and the importance of Mestalla. They are things that I want to show people and, little by little, continue adding more".

Advice for the little ones

"They should continue believing, listen to all the coaches and fight for their dreams, as surely one day the time will come".


"Mestalla has a special affection for homegrown players. In the end, they carry us in their hearts, and I think that helps a lot. Every time I have played at Mestalla, what you feel is something incredible and unique. Even people from outside the club, who come to play at Mestalla, always say that it is one of the grounds that impresses them the most, that it is the most challenging away trip, and that obviously helps. Every time you see the stadium full before kickoff, when they sing the anthem, in my case I get goosebumps. We hope that next season will be the same".


"We're a very young group, but in the end, all of the players are the ones who together achieved what we did last season. There are many teammates who have also been with me for many years, and we have been growing and evolving. Every year we all have more experience and I believe that all of this will lead us to continue growing much more.

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