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Hugo Duro can't hide his happiness after today's win in LaLiga EAsports. 

Another 3 points at Mestalla

Even though Almeria are where they are, we knew that it was going to bea difficult game. Despite that, what we saw today is that Almeria are doingthings very well and we needed to be switched on from the start. Our showing inthe first 30-45 minutes helped a lot. The team suffered, but Mamardashvilipractically didn't have a save to make. That's good news for the team, so we'llgo for it in the next game.

Coming back after a defeat

 We came into this one off a defeat. It's not so strange to lose at theMetropolitano, because they're on an incredible run, but it was the way that ithappened. We wanted to get back to being that competitive, hard workingValencia CF. I think that we saw that today. Besides the win, I'm happy that wehad a showing like this again.


It's crazy. The fans gave the team a slight advantage. They're amazing.I'd encourage them to keep it up, because the team are working phenomenally,they are contributing an awful lot, and we have to do this together.

10 goals

I dedicated it to Carlos Soler, who wrote to me this morning. I saidthat I'd make a 'C' for him if I scored. He's a good friend and a good guy, soI'm happy about that.

There are many games to go. Let's see if I can keep improvingindividually -above all because that helps the collective. Everybody iscontributing a lot, so we'll keep looking forward together.

From the start, we decided to go game-by-game, because looking anyfurther ahead could hinder us. Now we will go to Las Palmas motivated to winand to continue this very good run. 

I don't think I'm the example, they are.They are fighting every day for something much more important than football,which is to be with their family and friends, the people they love. They shouldkeep fighting like they have been, or even more, and I hope that they overcomethis disease which unfortunately exists. They should keep fighting to be withthose who love them.

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