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Hugo Guillamón: “The VCF Academy World Cup is a great opportunity for children from all over the world to come to ciutat esportiva”

Interview with the Valencia midfielder, ambassador of this III VCF Academy World Cup that gathers U12 teams from America, Asia and Europe.

The sparkle in Hugo Guillamón's eyes when he recalls the tournaments in which as a child he participated abroad representing the Valencia CF Academy where he arrived at the age of 5 and in which he remained until he reached the first team and the Spanish National Team.  

The same brightness is shared by the U12 children from different parts of America, Asia and Europe who will participate from 27 to 30 June in the III VCF Academy World Cup of which Hugo Guillamón is the ambassador.

A special tournament

“It is a pleasure to be an ambassador of the VCF Academy World Cup, because I was also a child and I know what you are going to experience here at the Ciutat Esportiva del Valencia CF,” said Guillamón.

“These tournaments are special moments with your team in other countries and other cities, you form special bonds with teammates and coaches and as a child you live it in a very special way” says Guillamón who will accompany the participants in the Opening Ceremony.

100% made in academia vcf

Hugo Guillamón is an example of a player 100% made in VCF Academy where he was fully trained until he reached the first team in 2020 and the Spanish National Team with which he participated in the Qatar 2022 World Cup.


“They should make the most of it, because you never know when you will have the opportunity to experience a tournament like this, with other kids from other countries and other cultures,” said Guillamón, who had the opportunity to greet several of the participating teams at the first edition of the VCF Academy World Cup.

This cultural exchange is one of the characteristics of this III VCF Academy World Cup in which teams from America, Asia and Europe will participate.

 “The club works in a very positive line of welcoming children from all cultures from all countries and it is important to have that vision and the club is working well in that aspect.”

“Valencia CF gives the opportunity to kids from all over the world to live here this experience in the CIutat Esportiva and it is when you really see how the club is growing internationally, the steps forward it is taking in the globalization of the Academy in different countries and it is positive for the club and the children” concludes Hugo Guillamón.


The VCF Academy that Valencia CF has in strategic markets in America, Asia and Europe are part of the VCF Academy Programs, which help to expand the Valencia CF brand and what its colors symbolize worldwide. This Internationalization Strategy has been a finalist in the World Football Summit Awards 2023.

5000 players in 50 countries

In 2023, more than 5,000 players and 400 coaches from over 50 countries around the world participated in the various VCF Academy Programs to learn more about the VCF Academy's playing methodology and become part of the Valencianista family.



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