Valencia CF22 March 2024

Mestalla canvas to be reused in tote bags for charity projects 

Valencia CF and PUMA, through the Valencian social company Proyectos Extraordinarios, will give the canvas a second life

Starting this Friday, March 22nd, Mestalla will display a new banner between Avenida de Suecia an the Gol Norte stand, with a firm message against racism and discrimination: “Lluita per a defendre en totes bands TOTS els colors.”

It replaces the 27.8m x 8.7m PVC tarpaulin that has until now shown the motto 'Football is for the brave', which will be reused by the social group Proyectos Extraordinarios.

The old canvas will be delivered to Proyectos Extraordinarios, which works with women at risk of social exclusion, and will be transformed into tote bags and handbags that will be available for sale at Valencia CF Official Stores. 100% of the profits from their sale will go to social integration and development projects.

The products are delivered with a QR label visible on the outside that takes the user directly to the transforming process from canvas to bag, with a description of the differential values of Valencia CF and PUMA thanks to initiatives that are respectful and sensitive to the environment.

Proyectos Extraordinarios promotes a sustainable growth model based on 5 sustainable development objectives: Gender equality, acceptable work and economic growth, reduction of inequalities, responsible production and consumption and alliances to achieve objectives.

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