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Pepelu: "We need to keep working and keep demanding ourselves for more"

Pepelu, centrocampista del Valencia CF ,ha comparecido en la entrevista flash interview ante VCF Radio después del partido ante el Real Betis disputado en el Camp de Mestalla.

Match analysis

It was a game that I was really looking forward to playing in, here at Mestalla. Betis competed very well and played their game. This is going to serve to help us for what is coming up.

Betis' second goal

We struggled to get into the game. Betis are tough opponents, but just when we had equalised -which seemed like the most difficult part, with the help of the fans, and which gave us a chance- an unfortunate move led to us conceding. It was very tough.
 We've got six games to go, 18 points in play, and we're going to keep going like always, game-by-game. This will help us to learn, because we know that the demands of games like this one have to help us to grow. Now we'll focus on the next game. I think that the team, since the start of the season, have grown enormously. We've always said that we have to go game-by-game, and that's what we've done. This defeat will help us to learn a lot and value every win that we've earned. We'll be looking ahead, which is very important.

More than a team, a family 

The team are very united. We've shown that and it's how we feel. Despite the defeat, we're all cheering each other up. The young players lift themselves up quickly and look ahead.

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