Valencia CF10 May 2024

 Valencia CF and TM Real Estate Group meet in Stockholm to talk about the importance of sustainable tourism together with LALIGA and the Spanish-Swedish Chamber of Commerce

Don't miss the details of this event that strengthens the international links and the strategic positioning of the Club and its Main Global Partner!

TM Real Estate Group has organized in Stockholm (Sweden) a round table with the collaboration of Valencia CF, LALIGA and the Spanish-Swedish Chamber of Commerce that has had as a subject of discussion sustainable tourism as a key to present and future.

Valencia CF's Main Global Partner, a leading company in the residential, hotel and holiday tourism sector, is a specialist in the construction and development of homes along the Mediterranean and Caribbean coast, which makes it an authoritative voice when it comes to adding its vision to this global debate with a benchmark event in the tourism sector.

Designed as an 'afterwork experience' aimed at potential and current clients of TM Real Estate Group and collaborating companies, the round table discussion 'Sustainable Tourism. A great future' held in Stockholm reinforces not only its international links but also its strategic positioning.

In this regard, the Market Manager for the Nordic countries, Bjorn Mansson, emphasizes that “TM Real Estate Group aims to consolidate its position as a benchmark for responsible residential tourism, and for this reason we are deploying new and innovative solutions for the development of new residential properties in the Nordic countries. It is a real pleasure to be present, to generate these opportunities and I hope that they will arise again with Valencia CF here in Stockholm”.

Valencia CF was represented by different executives such as Christian Schneider, Director of Operations and Infrastructures, and Jorge García, Director of Marketing and Comercial, who explained that it is “a pleasure for Valencia CF to be in such strategic countries as Sweden supporting our sponsors, in this case TM Real Estate Group and to share the afternoon with Spanish companies creating a brand. It has been a real pleasure; we have generated new contacts and we have been able to see once again how important the VCF brand is outside the country and the great interest there is in Valencia CF and soccer in Spain.

The event was also attended by Antonio Dabán, President of the Spanish-Swedish Chamber of Commerce and CEO of Rover Group: “It is a great opportunity to demonstrate the capacity in sustainability and to be able to collaborate in the future with Swedish companies. The most important thing is to demonstrate that capability and export it around the world, especially to Sweden”.

On behalf of LALIGA, Juan Fuentes, delegate for the Nordic countries, indicates that “it is very important to organize this type of event that brings together two very important parts of the Spanish economy: residential tourism on the part of TM Real Estate Group, and professional soccer on the part of Valencia CF. We hope to continue generating more awareness for LALIGA and Valencia CF, as well as for TM Real Estate Group and its products”.

Carolina Pettersson Ruiz, CEO of Twenty 7, emphasizes the importance of football in raising awareness on sustainability: “These types of events are very important because they combine several fundamental pillars. Sustainability impacts us all and being able to combine it with soccer, which is the largest social movement that exists with more than 5 billion followers in the world, is an opportunity to inspire others to create change and think about sustainability issues in a more complex and holistic way”.

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