Valencia CF10 July 2024

Valencia CF pass 16 million followers on social networks

Instagram and TikTok are the platforms with the most engagement and views

Valencia CF continue to grow on social networks, with the club now exceeding 16 million followers across all official accounts on the various platforms worldwide.

The club remain firm in their commitment to social media and reaching all audiences possible. With a presence on the vast majority of social networks and with messages adapted to each of them, the 9 platforms (TikTok, Facebook, X, SinaWeibo, Instagram, Youtube, Threads, LinkedIn and Twitch) have experienced a growth of more than 4.5 million followers compared to the 2022/23 season -over 8.2 million compared to the 2021/22 campaign. In addition, 1,800 million impressions were achieved with published content (in 2022/23: 832.4 million; in 2021/22: 19.6 million).

Instagram is the social network with the most engagement and views, with 23 million reactions and almost 600 million impressions this past season-; TikTok has experienced the most growth -more than 5 million followers-; and the creation of a profile on Threads has resulted in more than 127,000 followers.

Valencia CF publish content in 7 languages, with 80% of followers being international. MENA (Middle East North Africa) and Latin America are the regions with the greatest projection.

The club have stood out from others in terms of communication and adaptation of content for each platform, seasonality and festivities in strategic countries, and in the use of new trends, especially on TikTok. Valencia CF have been singled out as an example of a success story for this platform and for LALIGA due to the content published.

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