Valencia CF05 July 2024

Valencia CF supports the proposal of the City Council of Sueca to decree the year 2025 as 'Any Puchades'

On the afternoon of Thursday July 4, 2024 took place the municipal plenary session of the City Council of Sueca where the motion to decree the year 2025 as 'Any Puchades' in tribute to the figure of the Valencian legend Antonio Puchades (04/06/1925) was proposed.

Valencia CF is proud of this initiative and will participate jointly with the City Council of Sueca in the celebration of this important event during the 24-25 season. Throughout the campaign there will be different actions such as the reissue of the exhibition 'Els Nostres ídols. Puchades' with new contents.

Antonio Puchades, known as 'Tonico', is one of the greatest and most beloved legends of Valencia CF due to his performance and his Valencianista sentiment and passion for the 'terreta'. Puchades defended the club of his life for 12 seasons (1946-47/1957-58) in which he won the 1946-47 League, the 1949 Cup, the 1950 Eva Duarte Cup and the 1954 Cup. The player from Sueca stood out for his leadership and strength on the pitch together with 'Pasieguito'.

This tremendous level led him to be the first player to be awarded the 'Monchín Triana' trophy -a recognition given by Marca and Arriba to the LALIGA player who had stood out throughout his career for his sportsmanship and loyalty to his colors-.

In the international arena, Puchades played 23 matches with the Spanish National Team, including the 1950 World Cup. His great performance led him to be the only Spanish player included in FIFA's ideal eleven at the end of the World Cup.

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