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Baraja: “The team want to dedicate a win to Diakhaby”

The coach talks ahead of the game against Getafe CF

Valencia CF coach, Rubén Baraja, spoke in a press conference before the LaLiga Matchday 28 game against Getafe CF, set for Saturday at Mestalla.


“He's okay. He's had a couple of days where he hasn't been able to train normally, but he's okay. He has recovered well from the discomfort he had and is ready for tomorrow. The evolution in his performance has been through his physical improvement. He hadn't played for a while, and at first it was difficult for him to get on the pace we were asking of him, then he went away with the national team... The first part of the season is always very difficult for signings who arrive a little later or in the final days of the window, and on top of that he’s an international, so when you play two games here, then go away with the national team... That’s a lot of games and that didn't help him. However, the continuity he has now in training, in the day-to-day dynamic, his confidence in games... is making him raise his level and is offering us things. The idea is to try to keep this going. I'm happy for him.”

Diakhaby's injury

“This issue is complex because in the end only those who have experienced such a complicated injury can advise you. We all know that when you are injured the important thing is to take things step-by-step. First, the diagnosis needs to be clear, so that the problem can be restored later in surgery. Based on the information I have, I have spoken with the doctor and they are happy with what was done in the operating room to restore his knee. In the recovery process it is important to go step-by-step, completing the stages and the objectives that have been set for him, without setting a return date. Mentality is also important, as you need to have calm and tranquillity. I am convinced that he will overcome the injury and get back to his best.”

Bordalás’ return to Mestalla

“His career speaks for itself. He has been in the elite for many years, doing good work and I have a lot of respect for him. He has gotten the most out of his teams and I rate his career highly.”


“We will try to take the initiative ourselves and not play based on our opponents. We will choose the best strategy for the match. The return of Almeida also gives us possibilities in that double pivot. It is important to have everyone involved and that when they participate they do so at a good level.”

Possibilities in defence

“The misfortune for Diakhaby once again puts us in a difficult situation. We had 4 centre backs on the squad, but now we are left with 3. We have to try to minimise injuries and there are people who can participate: Both Yarek and Cenk can do the job well and contribute this season. The team has to be there to overcome the situation and we hope for a good response.”

His presence in the legends match

"I do not know yet. I would have to train to play in the game."

The planning of the squad in the winter

“We couldn't know what was going to happen. You have to have confidence, especially with young players. It is misfortune what happened to Diakhaby, and Paulista’s departure weakens us in numbers, above all. But if you look at it from the other side, it is an opportunity for the others to show their level; even though the level is high, we have to put them in.”


“You have to set achievable or reasonable objectives that reflect the budget or the situation as a club. From there, you work to achieve those objectives and, if you can, improve on them. The objective for this season was to improve the numbers from the previous year, not to suffer, and to try to look up or more than down. I cannot evaluate previous experiences. I try to look for improvement in my own plan. Tomorrow's game is important. We are playing at home again and a win is worth the same points as the game against Real Madrid. We need to win at home and get three points again. I’m thinking about this.”

Getafe CF’s absentees 

“Mayoral and Greenwood are two players who statistically are having a great season, but even if they are not there tomorrow, Getafe CF have a great squad and are a competitive team. It's a difficult game for us."

Peter Federico

“He is calm and made a good decision. Sometimes, the further away you are from what is around you or from comments, the better your mental health. We competed against Real Madrid, we had moments to win the game, we were intense... He is ready, prepared and has been evolving since his arrival. He has to take advantage of every minute he has.”

The match against Getafe CF

“We have to focus on ourselves, on what we are capable of doing and on the improvements we can make. You have to find that balance in the game and be very attentive to their crosses, second balls, defensive facets... Getafe CF play how I think football should be played. We have to try to defeat Getafe CF.”

Doctor Pedro López’ thoughts on Diakhaby’s injury

“He explained it in a more technical way. The first few minutes were very nerve-wracking, because we could see in the images how our players, and even those from Real Madrid, were putting their hands to their heads because the injury was so serious. After the tests, the tendon injuries could be assessed. When the injury comes after an action like that, it is always more difficult, with the recovery, everything... The doctor is optimistic and is positive about the future. Diakhaby is an important player for us, he is a player who has been at this club for a long time, he knows perfectly what this club is all about, and we have to try to show him in this match by having a good game and showing him the love he deserves. The team are looking forward to dedicating the victory to Diakhaby.”


“He is doing much better in everything. He is feeling better and little-by-little he will have the opportunity to recover his fitness. We will give him minutes when the game demands it. Let's see if we can get him back. He is smiling and in the dynamic with the group.”


Spain’s Euro 2024 squad

“I don't know the Spain coach's criteria. The decisions and reasons for choosing players must be respected. It is evident that Mosquera's season is not going unnoticed by either the senior coach or the Under-21 team, nor by the Colombia coach, nor by any coach in Europe. He is performing at a high level and, without a doubt, everyone is paying attention to his performance.”

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