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Baraja: “We are going to encounter a competitive RCD Mallorca”

The Valencia CF coach previews the game against RCD Mallorca

Valencia CF coach Rubén Baraja spoke ahead of a Saturday LaLiga fixture at home against RCD Mallorca.

Games coming up against Mallorca and Granada

"I talk about these two games because we have them before the break. But my objective is to concentrate on Mallorca. They will be opponents that will make it difficult for us. Their last visits to Mestalla were not so good for us. We want to change that dynamic. Then we have Granada in a postponed match, and we want to get the best results. These are the two matches we have before the break for the Copa del Rey final.”

Sergi Canos

“The feeling is good, but we need to contrast it between today and tomorrow, to see what his progress is. We still have certain doubts.”


Jesus Vazquez

“When Gayà has not been available, he has been there, and we also have the possibility of Foulquier and Yarek. We have variants. We will try to choose the best option.

The leftback position

“Except for Yarek, who has also played in that position and has come back from playing for the Under-19s for Spain, and waiting to see how the other players coming back from international duty are doing, the rest are fine. Jesús and Foulquier are fine, they are all available to participate.”

A great performance from the internationals 

“The most important thing for me today is training. We have to try to concentrate on the game, work on things in training and ensure that all the individual situations that have been experienced with the national teams -which have been satisfactory – that we can transfer that positive energy to the group and to the game on Saturday. We have to concentrate on the game and have great discipline. The game is going to demand a lot from us.”

RCD Mallorca’s possible rotations

“We have no information about their changes, and there are also international players. They are a team that, due to the way they compete and what their coach transmits, are going to make it difficult for us. It depends on us doing the things we have to do to carry out our plan, and we will have a chance to win this game. In terms of the influence of their Copa del Rey final, with one week left, we are going to encounter a competitive Mallorca and we have to try to create the circumstances to win the match.”

Alberto Mari

“In preseason he was phenomenal, he was in very good form and the injury has slowed him down a bit. But we know that he is a player who has goals in him and makes good movements. I always insist that he work hard, that he push himself every day, so that when the time comes he can give us the best version of himself.”

The captain on Saturday 

“The captaincy, if none of the designated captains are available, is usually based on seniority. So, I think the next in line is Thierry, Guillamón or someone that we consider is important due to their position on the pitch.”

The legends match

“It is a very nice tribute and I am excited to be able to participate and get my kit on. There's still time to go before that. I am more concerned about consolidating our position in these two LALIGA games, getting the highest level we can get from the team and competing well. Then we will enjoy the legends game.”


“He’s one of the best goalkeepers in LaLiga. Then you have his youth, his track record of good performances and games played. The data confirms it. We really don't know where his limit is. He is in a process of continuous growth. We have to be happy about having a goalkeeper of this quality.”

Players becoming consistent 

"It’s important. The more frequently used players have played a lot, their performance has been stable and they have given us their best. Regarding the team, if you want to achieve your aims, you need a goalkeeper who earns you points like Mamardashvili and a forward who scores goals. The 4 players (Mamardashvili, Mosquera, Pepelu and Hugo Duro) that people have named have had continuity, prominence and now for me the important thing is that they finish the season at the same level as they are now. It is the key to football. I am going to insist a lot on the fact that the important thing is the 9-10 games that remain.”

The international break and Euro 2024 qualification

“I hope it influences them positively. They come back with good dynamics. Giorgi's case is historic for his country and for him as the main protagonist -and Roman’s is as well. It has to give them positive energy that we need to take advantage of for Valencia CF. They get called up for their national teams because of their level at Valencia CF."

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