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Baraja: “We have to be happy with the result”


Valencia CF coach Rubén Baraja talked after his side’s 2-2 draw with Real Madrid on LaLiga Matchday 27, in his post-match press conference.  

An intense game

The match was tense and many things happened. Our first half performance was pretty good. We forced Real Madrid to make mistakes, we pressed and we created scoring chances. I think the goal that they scored to make it 2-1 was not fair based on what we saw in the first half, but it was a quick action. In the second half, until they made it 2-2, they had more chances -although we also could have made it 3-1. We weren’t able to do it from Diego's opportunity. The feeling is that in the final stages, with the changes and the injury, the team made a last push with which we were able to generate several situations -the penalty that wasn’t given and the two actions by Peter- which we could have scored a goal from. In the final moments of the match I saw that the referee said it was the last move, and he was blowing his whistle before the Real Madrid player crossed -so the action was not valid. It was a high-level match and I liked many things about the team. We did many things well to be able to score a point.

A valuable point

I always give a lot of value to every point. Having Real Madrid in a situation where we could have taken three, a single point doesn’t feel like it was enough, but I think we competed very well. We showed our identity in the game and the team were consistent. Real Madrid didn’t create great danger for us. The work we did didn’t help us to win, but it helped us to give value to a point achieved with the support of our fans, who once again were fundamental. I think we have to be happy with the result, although I would have liked to have won.


Diakhaby’s injury

We still don't know the extent of what it may be. It's the bad news of the night. He is an important player for us. Let's see what happens. When these things happen, you realise that there are things you can't control. It was an action that did not seem dangerous, but it caused him to leave the pitch and we will see if it is not too serious. Sometimes, there are things that seem very serious and then they are not that big of a deal. We hope it's nothing much, but the gestures from the players were very striking. We hope it is less serious than what they felt on the field of play.



I have always said that Mestalla had nothing to prove, but today we had the opportunity to show what kind of fans we are. The game went as a football game should go. The fans spurred us on and they know that the team need their support. There is a lot of rivalry and people whistle when that happens. Mestalla has once again given off a good feeling, always with the atmosphere typical of this type of match.


Wanting more

The point is not enough for us because we had the scoreline in our favour for a long time -and in the final part of the game we went looking to make it 3-2. We had the possibility of doing so in the final actions. We would have liked to have got the three points, but we have to be happy to get one -even if it doesn’t feel like much.

A complete performance

Real Madrid have many resources, both collectively and individually. We tried to run the game so that they felt uncomfortable, pressing them and monitoring the spaces. We achieved all that and through the ambition of the first half we achieved the two goals. We maintained that energy very well. It was a shame that they made it 2-1. We had the game where we wanted to, going into the second half, and this led us to be closer on the scoresheet against a team that has a lot of quality and is lethal in the final metres. I think we played a complete game. 

Protests from Real Madrid

I also protest and say things to the fourth official. I even spoke to the referee before the break, but nothing more than that. I saw that the last action came after giving too much injury time in the first half. But I didn’t see any difference in the protests. 

Real Madrid’s disallowed goal

The referee says that the game is going to end and when the ball went out he whistled. The gesture is that the action doesn’t count. That’s the controversy. I understand that Real Madrid might protest. It is normal, as long as it is done with respect. I'm not going to comment on anything else. The referee decided that it was the end and that's it.

Pressure from the stands

It's part of what could happen. If there is something to value, it is that the fans were at a high level in their support, respecting the Real Madrid players. Whistling players is common in the world of football. We have once again shown that we have a fantastic fanbase. What happened before should not happen again.

Javi Guerra

Javi was in good form and I liked his training this week. He has a different profile than Guillamón. He can give us more verticality and press more. I think he did good things. He has to understand that in that position he has to know how to manage the rhythm, and is progressing in that. Hugo also came into this one well. Everyone has entered into the dynamic of pushing hard, and the changes gave us freshness. It's a job that everybody did.


I don’t have anything to say. The facts are there and the images as well. I wasn’t paying attention to that.

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