Valencia CF30 March 2024

Baraja: "When you can't win, adding a point is positive" 

Valencia CF's head coach, Rubén Baraja shared his thoughts in his post-match press conference after a goalless home draw against RCD Mallorca on Matchday 30 of LaLiga EA Sports 


"There are days when you have one chance and score a goal, and other days when you have four chances and there is no luck. It had already happened to us in Villarreal and today it happened too. If anyone was looking for the victory it was us, knowing the difficulty of beating Mallorca. At the Bernabéu they lost 1-0, away to Barcelona they lost 1-0... I think it proved to be a difficult game. The first half was a little harder for us, but I think that in the second half, we generated a lot, and if we had converted our chances we would be talking about a different result. We competed, giving everything, and in the final stages we were running the risk of losing, because when you can't win, adding a point is positive."


"I'll define what the game was. We knew it was going to be tight, and in the first half, you have energy and pace. You get back to help. Any team can get stuck, and the inertia of the game makes you go hastily, players get nervous because you want to take the lead. At half-time, we talked about being calmer, about maturing in the game. They understood that and went out there again to do what we had to do to win. Sometimes the opponents make it difficult for you."


"We made choices thinking about what was going to happen in the 95 minutes, and we also thought about having solutions during the march to go further. That is the feeling I have. We have players out in specific positions and we have to see which players can play there, see the minutes they can play... When Javi Guerra plays, you ask me about Guillamon -and vice-versa. I try to field the team that I think is most competitive. We always need to keep the energy high in the game and have those who come on give us things. This is what makes us able to win games."


"He was on the opposite side to normal, but he has supported us until the game required us to go forward with Jesús Vázquez. His performance is stable, he is committed. He gave us an outlet and we also don't ask him to go deep to the left"


"What's missing is when it's his turn to participate, that he gives us what he can give us. The final ball, the last pass, the possibility of having possessions in which he can make us play good football... His time will come. You are asking me about all those who didn't play when I think we competed to the maximum of our possibilities. We should not transform things that can be seen into negative things. Today one player will play and tomorrow another, everyone is in a good dynamic. The feeling I have is the frustration of drawing 0- 0. We did everything possible. The season has been very complete and I do not want to enter into a dynamic in which people get frustrated and the effort in each game is not valued. The fans  pushed and we gave it our all, but it wasn't enough to win."


"No, in the end, it is normal that the fans want to see their team win, but when you do everything you can do to win the game, always go forward, and run a little risk that you could lose... nothing can be reproached about this team or the result. We would have liked to win, but it is important not to confuse the effort with the result. In other games, with fewer chances we have scored goals. You have to value things."


"The usual thing is that he would have put it away, but today he wasn't able to -or the ball came to him so he didn't make contact well it wasn't a goal. It's important to be in there and maybe not today, but the next game, it could fall to him. This is all about trying, and it's the path to improvement."


"It was a strain, but I don't know the magnitude. It's a shame because he was in a good moment of form. This gives opportunities to other players like Amallah and Alberto Marí."


"You can talk about whatever you want. I have to keep my feet on the ground and have humility. I see that the team are making an effort. The fans come here excited about seeing how hard these players work... I would like to win, just like everyone else. Sometimes you are not successful and that does not mean that I have to leave here frustrated. We always went forward looking for the result and we have not been successful. We have had two games in which we have generated more than usual and we have not been as forceful as in other game

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