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Diego López: "I'm at 100% and Mestalla will be key against Real Madrid CF"

 The Valencia CF striker, protagonist on VCF Radio's l'Informatiu

Valencia CF forward Diego López has been the protagonist in l'Informatiu on VCF Radio to talk about his return to the team after his injury and run the rule over the upcoming LALIGA EA Sports fixture against Real Madrid CF.

 Diego López's fitness 

"I'm perfect, I'm 100%. I'm looking forward to playing again, it's about time. I was ready for 10/15 minutes against Sevilla FC and the following week I completed it and I was looking forward to the trip to Granada. 

Everything went well from the beginning. We sped up recovery quite a lot because we started to run 3/4 days earlier than planned, to touch the ball and we went ahead and that's why I could have made it to Granada. 

This week I have done 100%. With the mask, you feel a bit more uncomfortable because at the end you are wearing something on your face, but it's quite good. I've had a few bruises, but it's holding up pretty well".

Recovery after the operation

"I was operated on Tuesday, I had a bad time on Tuesday afternoon and the night from Tuesday to Wednesday, but on Wednesday they sent me home and I stayed at home for the rest of the week, and on Monday I came to the Ciutat Esportiva of Valencia CF to work. That week I was making progress, even starting to run. Everything went very well.

 Injury incident 

"When he elbows me, I already feel a snapping sound inside, as if something is breaking and I started to get a bit overwhelmed. I didn't feel any pain at the time. In general, I was pretty well at the time. I didn't have much pain for the next few days. Obviously, Centelles didn't do it with any malice, in fact, at the time he apologised to me several times, then he also texted me saying sorry and telling me that he hadn't done it on purpose, that he was sorry and that I should make a speedy recovery. It was an in-game incident".

 Real Madrid CF fixture 22-23 season

"It was a nice memory last year. I hope the team can repeat the victory, regardless of who scores the goal, which for me is secondary. The important thing is to pick up the three points and for the team to get the win".

Highest assist provider of the team

"I have good communication with Hugo Duro, above all, and it's also my job not only to score goals but also to provide assists. Anything that contributes and helps the team is welcome. Hugo is having an incredible year, he's scored 10 goals and he's giving us a lot up front and he has to help us with goals".

Best moment of his career at Valencia CF

"I've only been here a short time and in the first team, but I did arrive a little bit just at the end of 2023. December was a bit of an uphill struggle for me because there were a lot of games, then I was also with the Spanish national team, I had a lot of minutes and it was a bit of an uphill struggle at the end of the season, it was a little bit difficult for me, but then we rested that Christmas week and I was at home with my family and my people and that helps a lot. You take the New Year with a clear head and I started the year very well. 

From time to time, even though it might not seem like it, we also need to rest because there are a lot of games and trips... and a week's rest is very good for the mind.  Being called up to the national team is always a source of pride, but of course, in the end, you also play two games in a week, you play a lot and in the end, you get a lot of minutes. In the end, you've only been playing in the top flight for a short while and you're noticing it, you have to pick up the pace, it takes a process. But that's all it is. I hope it continues like that".


"We've been pretty consistent throughout the year and playing against FC Barcelona, Real Madrid CF or Atlético de Madrid are special games and we're looking forward to them, especially after the first leg. 

There, we gave a bad showing and we are going with the desire, even more so, to show the fans that it was a slip-up and that we didn't see the Valencia CF that we have been seeing all year round. We are working well these days on the concepts that Baraja has been instilling us to face Real Madrid CF and to win the game. We've had a good year, above all, defensively we're very good and we can beat them perfectly".

  Mestalla Factor 

"It's been the same all year round, against any opposition the Mestalla stands have filled up every game, you can see it in the average attendance. They're helping us a lot, as they did last season, and they are going to be key.

Mestalla is Mestalla. The opposition are scared to come to Mestalla because it's a crowd that get right behind us, they never stop cheering us on and you can feel them with you. The opposition don't just play against 11 but also against an entire stadium. It helps us and makes it very difficult for the opposition".

Focused on the footballing aspect

"I want it to be a special game and, if the attention goes off the pitch, I want it to go to the firemen and all the people who helped with the tragic fire because that's what people need to focus on".

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