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Bordalás: “We are indebted to many people -above all, the fans”

Press conference before Valencia CF vs. Levante UD

Coach José Bordalás previewed the LaLiga Matchday 33 game between Valencia CF and Levante UD in his pre-match press conference.

Do you have all players available?

They are practically all available Some ended up with discomfort on Saturday. Foulquier and Gonçalo have already trained with the group again. I think they are all available except for Maxi Gómez, who has trained very little, but with a good feeling.

How are you doing in terms of morale? Do you have any doubts about next season?

My mood is really good. I am a person who lives in the present. The final in Seville, for me, is behind us now. I'm focused on tomorrow's game and trying to score as many points as possible in the remainder of the season. Mathematically, there are still chances to be in the top spots.


Tomorrow two teams with both the most goals conceded in all of LaLiga, and the highest scorers will face each other. What kind of match do you expect tomorrow?

In the first match there were many goals. We are facing a Levante side who have improved a lot in recent weeks and are fighting for survival. We know it's going to be a difficult game and it's not going to be anything like the first match. It's going to be a close game and we have to compete at the highest level if we want to win.

The club published a statement yesterday talking about consolidating a project, but your name did not appear in it. Are you part of the plan? Do you know what the project is?

I am not aware of the statement. I am focused on the day-to-day activity at the club. I have no doubts about anything. I’m not worried about what will happen in the future. I live in the present and that is tomorrow's match. We are indebted to many people, especially the fans. I have not stopped reminding the players how the fans were with us the other day, before, during and after the match. We have to be at our best.


Do you want to continue at Valencia CF next season?

I'm not going to talk about this. I only care about the present. I have one more year of my contract remaining. I am not going to talk about the future when we are immersed in competition, in something important. We have to fight to finish as high up the table as possible. I'm not too worried about my future. I am worried about the future of the team.

Are you fuelling the debate by not answering clearly?

I don't leave any doors open. In football, we all know that our future is not guaranteed, neither in the medium nor in the long term. I feel loved and happy at Valencia and I don't have to talk about the future. I live in the moment.

Could the affection that you receive be important in your decision to continue?

Everything is important. Right now, my feeling is that we owe a debt to the fans. People have a great identification with their team, with Valencia CF. It has surprised me, ever since I arrived, and has not stopped surprising me. I will always give my best so that Valencia CF are always as high up as possible. It's my obligation as a professional, but with Valencia CF I think I have to give something extra, and I transfer that to the players every day. I want them to see the fans, their enthusiasm and their commitment.

What do the team expect from the fans tomorrow? What is the dressing room’s thoughts on the fact that tomorrow marks a year without interactions on social media?

I expect a good reception, but I am more concerned about what we give to the fans. We are preparing for the game with the intention of achieving victory. The opposition know that this is one of their last chances, and that is what worries me. I am convinced that the fans will get behind the team, but we have to show them hard work, commitment and a victory.

As for social media, I can't comment. These are issues that I am not aware of as a professional.


Would you be as emphatic as you were two months ago on your continuation, or would you like to talk to the owner to update your opinion?

I have no concern about not talking to Peter Lim. I speak with the president and with the sporting director. When the season is over, it's time to talk about the next one and the makeup of the squad.

Have the club told you anything about the planning for next season?

We have to sit down and talk about it. Right now, we still have points at stake and we have to work to be as high up the table as possible. We'll talk about that in the next few weeks.

Are you optimistic about the possible signings of Hugo Duro and Alderete, as well as the renewals of Gayá and Soler?

I still haven’t been told anything about signings. As for Gayá and Soler, we trust that they will continue with us. They are two great players who are very important for Valencia CF, and are captains.

Do you think the sports management should change?

I can't comment on that question. I am the coach of Valencia CF, not the owner or a fan.

Do you see Alderete and Hugo Duro as more worried these days about what might happen?

Like everyone else, they are a little shaken about not having won the cup. I don't see them as being particularly worried about that issue.

Levante's coach has said that if he were Valencia CF, he would be trying to relegate Levante UD. Is that a motivation for you?

My opinion is totally different. I face the games to win them, but not to relegate anybody. I do not wish ill of anyone. My obligation is to prepare the match to win it, regardless of what may happen later. I don't think a team are relegated because they lose a game. It's because they have had a deficit throughout the season.

Taking into account the results and that you didn’t win the cup, would you change anything about the preparation of the matches prior to the final?

No. Everyone has an opinion in football. We can all analyse a game when it ends. The difficult thing is to do it beforehand. I never regret how I prepare a match. I am a person who has determination and would not change anything. I don't usually think about previous results, but about what lies ahead of us in order to be among the best.

Would you staying be affected by the departure of any of the important players such as Gayá, Guedes or Soler?

Now, it's all speculation. We do not know what might really happen in terms of departures and incorporations. Right now, I don't think about it. I focus on the fact that we have to take the team as high up the table as possible.

The Valencia CF fans sang “Segunda División” to Levante UD before. Is that disrespectful to you? How would you react if that happened tomorrow in Mestalla?

I don't usually pay attention to chants. I'm so into the game that I don't realise it. Many times, I’m told about something that could happen outside the pitch, but I don't usually pay attention to it. I don't know what was said in the first match. When there is a rivalry, those songs are common. I have nothing to reproach the fans for.

Are you comfortable with the way of working that you have encountered at Valencia CF?

I am very comfortable, honestly. Although there are things that could be changed and improved, undoubtedly.

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