Valencia CF17 April 2024

A very special surprise for Jaume Domènech 

 The Valencia CF squad wanted to surprise the goalkeeper after his contract extension with the Club.

José Luis Gayà, Giorgi Mamardashvili, Pepelu and Diego López have given Jaume Domènech an heartfelt surprise after the goalkeeper extended his contract with Valencia CF.

Diego López 

"I've found out that you're going to be continuing with us. You're going to have to keep on acting like a father figure to this young Valencia CF side that we have. I personally, and on behalf of all the young players, want to thank you for everything you've done for us.

 Thank you for the way you've welcomed us and treated us since day one. You're somebody whom I admire a lot, who helps us every day, and I'm very pleased that you're going to be with us for longer, making us laugh and pushing us on. I think that we need that and I'm very pleased to have you here with us for another year. Congratulations".


"Jaume, what can I say? You know how pleased I am, what you mean to the club and what you mean to us. This renewal is very well deserved. I'll never forget my first day in the dressing room, when you put me alongside you. It was incredible that somebody like you, who has spent so many years at the club, would do this for me. 

You know the everyday relationship that we have, and in a very short time we've formed a very good relationship. I know you are going to continue in the same way with us, taking care of us and transmitting all you can to the team. I hope that Jaume is here for a long time to come".

 Jaume Domènech 

 "It's very nice that your colleagues acknowledge you. it is always nice. On a day-to-day basis, as is a routine of mine, I am always singling out people, getting on their backs and so on, and sometimes you are not aware of how they handle it. For two players and teammates as important as Diego and Pepelu to have those words for me, makes me very happy".

José Luis Gayà 

"We've spent a lot of time together and I think that, for me and for the entire team, it's a tremendous joy that he has renewed for another year with us. Because of everything he transmits and gives to us i the dressing room -which is a lot. I'm really pleased, and he deserves all the good things that happen to him. It's a pleasure to have him as a teammate and a friend for so many years. Thank you.

Giorgi Mamardashvili

"I don't have many words to say, except that he's an example for me. He has a lot of experience and I always like talking to him to learn new things and I am glad for him. We've been training together for almost three years now".

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