Valencia CF26 April 2024

First edition of INDIBA's 'Movement is Life' held at Mestalla  

The event highlights the importance of physiotherapy in an environment conducive to innovation and learning

This past week, Mestalla hosted the first edition of 'Movement is Life', an event organised by INDIBA which brought together more than 150 professionals from the world of professional sports and rehabilitation, addressing innovation and the relevance of the role of physiotherapists.

During the event, which focused on progress in the treatment of musculoskeletal pathologies in the field of functional physiotherapy and optimisation of sporting performance, Dr. Pedro López, Head of Medical Services at Valencia CF, gave a presentation on 'Optimising the treatment of muscle injuries in football: focus on hamstring protocols,' together with José Luis Estellés.

'Movement is Life' offered theoretical and practical content, including covering advanced technologies such as INDIBA and K-Laser for the treatment of muscle injuries, lower body tendinopathies, improvement of functionality and reduction of pain.

Along with Dr. López, other speakers included Crys Dyaz -physiotherapist, trainer and general director of Cryz Diaz & Co. and SaludFem. Mestalla was chosen as the venue to offer an environment conducive to innovation and learning for those at the forefront of their field.

Dr. López highlighted that “Valencia CF are proud to be able to count on the collaboration of companies like INDIBA, whose technology helps us so much in the prevention and recovery of injuries amongst our footballers. With these sessions, all professionals who participate in the use of INDIBA technology are enriched, and it allows us to continue improving our preventive therapeutic protocols.”

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