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Baraja: "It was an even game, it's a pity we couldn't take a point"

Valencia CF-Deportivo Alavés post-match press conference

Valencia CF's head coach Rubén Baraja reflected on the 0-1 home defeat to Deportivo Alavés in his post-match interview on Matchday 34 of LaLiga EA Sports.


The vision you have is the same as before this game. We will analyse today and think about the next game. If you want us to talk about today's game or the situations that have arisen in the game, we can. Or we can say that in the last three defeats luck or decision-making has not been helping us.

A harsh result

Today we lost, but I had the feeling at all times that it should have been a draw at best. Alavés didn't create any chances except for the cross that hit the post and the move to make it 0-1, which was a corner. We didn't generate much either, but we had opportunities too. The difference is that when you have a chance and you put it in, the game changes. They scored and it changed things for them in the final stretch. We didn't have that effectiveness in the 2-3 chances we had. 

Now, we have a new, different scenario that we haven't had all season. We have never suffered three defeats in a row and we have to be able to manage this moment. At home we were strong and we have suffered two defeats in the last few games. We handle it with the naturalness that comes with analysing the game and the team's situation.

An uphill struggle ahead

The results are what they are. In these last three games, we have given everything we have. Today the game became very tricky from the beginning. You have a change, you change the goalkeeper, you use a window. Then, you have another change that limits you a lot because Jesus was giving us options on the outside and we had no other solution to be able to move forward. We ended up with Yarek in that position, when he is more of a centre-back. When the score is 0-1, it is more difficult for you to generate chances. In the final part of the game, we lacked clarity to play from the outside and fatigue also played a role. It's a shame we couldn't have got a point. I think the game was evenly matched. It seems like an excessively harsh defeat to me.

The disallowed goal

I already said it last week. I am very tired of the disparity in criteria. Today it was offside, but not the other day. Somebody should explain to me why, because I don't quite understand it.

A question of effectiveness

Think about this match if Diego's first chance ended in a goal or if Sergi's chance goes in instead of hitting the post. We would be talking about something else. For me, it wasn't our best game, but it wasn't a game that we should have lost. Alavés had a specific action in which they made a good move and scored a goal. Then, in the final part of the game, we lacked that effectiveness to equalise, although we had some chances to finish.

 I don't think we have to go crazy about it. I wouldn't have liked to win. We have entered a slump in results, but we are focused on the next game, which is what we have been talking about all season.

Making changes

Almeida coming off was a tactical decision. In the first half, they went after us a lot, they chased us down a lot and we lacked space. We chose to make that change so that Diego would give us more speed. We tried to modify things to go for the win.

Cristian Rivero

I thought he did quite well. I'm happy for him. In the end, it is difficult when you are in a situation like his, to come on as the third goalkeeper. I think he was pretty confident, calm and made good decisions. I'm happy for him. He did well and kept us in the game.

Alavés' goal

Their goal came from a corner that I think is not a corner. That's it. The regulations say that, if the referee calls a corner and then it is a goal, you cannot disallow it. I got the feeling that it hits an Alavés player.


There are certain decisions that can influence you. The other day, in the match against Barcelona, an action like ours today brought a goal and today it doesn't. That corner action. They annulled a goal that could have been valid. I don't want to look for excuses. Today we didn't manage to stay in the game. When a team suffer defeats, negative things begin to appear that I don't think need to be taken into account at this time. You have to be calm and analyse things. In games like today, maybe you go ahead and everything changes, but we didn't have that success in front of goal and we have to keep going. It has to serve as a learning experience for us and we know that the next game is going to be similar.

Jaume Domènech

He is a goalkeeper who is coming off a serious injury, who you are getting into the dynamic of the team without having games or minutes. In the end, in that movement, I think he felt a twinge and we had to change him. It's a shame because when you're in that situation you always wait for your moment and he hasn't been able to give his best. We hope he recovers soon.

Disparity in criteria

That does not depend on Rubén Baraja or Luis García Plaza. It depends on the disparity of criteria and why in one place it is not a goal and in another, it is a goal. I can't evaluate more situations. It's not my job. You also have to know how to differentiate when it is a handball in one place and not in others. Then, the referee can make mistakes like I make mistakes since I am surely the one who makes the most mistakes. 

I don't think we are losing because of the referees, nor was today's defeat because of the referee. In these very close matches, the most effective side are the ones who win. Other times it has gone our way and today it was for Alavés, who played a good game to have those chances.

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