Valencia CF04 June 2024

LALIGA promote Valencia CF's 'Stop Bullying' campaign

Nearly 800 children, family members and students from different schools participated in a discussion to combat bullying and discrimination in all forms

Playersfrom the VCF Academy, together with their families, participated in adiscussion organised by the Fan Area and the VCF Foundation at the Antonio Puchades stadium this week, attended by different schools that during the yearhave taken part in the 'Stop Bullying' campaign

LALIGA have promoted this action through its LALIGA X corporate account, to 169,707 followers.

Valencia CF launched 'VCF WORLD – ZERO DISCRIMINATION' at the beginning of the 2023/24 season. It is a 100% social project that brings together all the initiatives carried out for this purpose and aims to contribute positively to improving society.


The different groups in the talk stressed the importance of addressing the problem of bullying, which affects 9.5% of boys and girls, extending beyond the educational field and also increasingly affects sports.


Values such as prevention, education, humility, loyalty and resilience were emphasised, as well as the importance of listening to children and creating safe spaces where they can find people to help them.

Empathy and becoming aware of all the problems that exist -including not only the victims but also those who commit harassment-, was also addressed. The usefulness of learning by playing was also touched upon, with contributions such as that of FixIt.

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