Valencia CF23 February 2024

Javier Solís: “We share the pain of the victims and wish to express our gratitude to the emergency services”

The club hold a press conference to express support for those involved 

In reaction to the tragic events of Thursday, February 22nd when a devastating fire hit a tower block in the Campanar neighborhood of Valencia, Valencia CF held a press conference to offer support to those affected. Speaking were the club's Corporate Director, Javier Solís, first team coach Rubén Baraja, club captain José Luis Gayà, and VCF Femenino captain Marta Carro.

In accordance with the request of the club and in respect of the official period of mourning in the region, the LaLiga game against Granada CF, scheduled for Saturday afternoon, has been postponed until a later date.


"We are here today to show our most sincere condolences to the deceased, as well as their families, for the tragic fire that occurred yesterday in the city of Valencia. These have been very painful hours and moments for the entire city, and Valencia CF wish to communicate that we offer our support to society at this time. We share their pain. We also wish to express our gratitude to the Fire Services, Red Cross, National and Local Police, psychologists and doctors who are working on the ground and supporting all those affected. We at the club have been in coordination with the public administrations - City Hall, Provincial Council - since yesterday to make available anything that all those affected may require at this time. We appreciate your presence as well as that of the captain of VCF Femenino, Marta Carro, the captain of the first team, José Luis Gayà and the coach, Rubén Baraja. I think they also want to convey some words of condolence to all those affected."


"We convey our most sincere condolences to all the families and friends of the deceased. We thank all the organizations that have intervened in putting out the fire in yesterday's tragedy. We offer all our support, all our love and all our strength to the people affected."


"I am here on behalf of the entire Valencia CF first team squad. We wish to show our condolences to all the families and friends of the people who have died. It is a very sad day for Valencia and for Spain. We are grateful, above all, to the firefighters, to the police, to the Red Cross, to all those who have been there helping. They are heroes for all of us. We appreciate all the work they have done. It is a very sad day for everyone."


"I share everything that Marta, José and Javier have commented. As coach of Valencia CF I can only send our best wishes and a lot of encouragement to all the victims, friends and families for the tragedy that happened yesterday in Valencia. These are very difficult times for everyone. Today is a day in which football takes a backseat; there are things in life that have much more value. With what happened yesterday, we have to show solidarity with this situation and thank all the people who have helped, trying to ensure that this was not as catastrophic as it was. We hope that the effects are less substantial than what we expect. We are with those affected, we support them and Valencia CF will try to be at all the events we can."

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