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Mestalla celebrates 100 years of athletics success

Valencia Club Atletismo is honoured in a VIP Box event

The Mestalla VIP Box gathered together numerous athletes from Valencia Club Atletismo athletics club, from practically every generation, in an event reviewing its 100 years of history this past week. Many of the attendees at the celebration were Olympic, world, European and Spanish medalists, along with representatives of the respective administrations and media.

President and coach, Rafa Blanquer, the first Spanish athlete to exceed 8 metres in the long jump (in 1976) was given a special distinction by Alejandro Blanco, president of the Spanish Olympic Committee, in front of the over 250 attendees.

Valencia CF and the VCF Foundation, celebrating the anniversary, were represented by Inma Ibáñez, director of the VCF Foundation and financial director of the club, and Jorge García, Marketing Director, who handed Blanquer a personalised VCF shirt for the centenary.

Great achievements and illustrious athletes

Valencia Club Atletismo have achieved, among other accolades: 28 league titles, 27 Copa de la Reina cups, 8 Copa de España wins and 4 Spanish Cross Country titles; At international level, they have won 2 European Club championships, finished runners-up 12 times and earned 5 third places; and in European Cross Country, they have 1 title, 1 runners-up award and 1 third place.

Since 1963, great importance was given to women, hence the presence at the centenary celebration of illustrious athletes such as Ruth Beitia, Concha Montaner, María Pérez, Niurka Montalvo, Glory Alozie, Tacko Diuf, Fátime Diame, Marta Fernández, Martina de la Puente, Úrsula Ruiz, Mercedes Chilla and Berta Castells, among others.

Likewise, prominent athletes such as Antonio Campos, José Antonio Redolat and Iván Mocholí attended the event.

Valencia Club Atletismo's record of achievements has continued to grow, with a short, medium and long-term sporting future assured thanks to its excellent youth academy, represented at the event by, among others, Paula Blanquer , Evelyn Yankey and Luna Arnás.

Also present were: Pilar Bernabé, Government delegate; Vicente Mompó, president of the Provincial Council of Valencia; Pedro Cuesta, deputy of Tourism and Sports; Luis Cervera, general director of sports; and Julia Climent, Deputy Mayor.

The VIP Box halso hosted an exhibition on the 100 years of successes of the Valencia Club Atletismo, with photographs, documents and historical trophies.

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