A community driven by Valencianismo

A new era for the Valencia CF Foundation began on April 16th, 2015. With a clear vision of providing a benefit to society through Valencianismo, we set out three main missions:

  • Promotion of the spirit and values of Valencianismo on a regional level and demonstrate the value of the historical heritage of the Club

  • Support of the underprivileged as the best way to repay the support Valencian society gives us every day

  • Fostering of a sense of bonding and attachment to Valencia

To bring to fruition our vision, the Valencia CF Foundation has established three main areas of focus:

  • Culture and roots

  • Social and charitable responsibility

  • Education and health

Culture and roots

Valencia CF are a club a century old, with a rich history that our Heritage Department investigates, catalogues, restores and preserves. It displays trophies, shirts and unique historical documents such as the Constitution Act that is kept at Mestalla. This priceless manuscript represents the official birth of the club and is signed by our founders.

Relatives of these pioneers had the opportunity to share the vision of their predecessors, alongside the new owners of the club, in a historic meeting that symbolised the union of past, present and future. Those in attendance visited the birthplace of Valencia CF, the legendary Bar Torino, located in 1919 in what is today the Plaza del Ayuntamiento.

At the Foundation we take care to preserve our heritage, with the testimony and images of those who played a part in it. The careful curation and exhibition of our archives shares memories amongst older and newer generations, helping to further strengthen our roots.

But our efforts are not only focused on the past. We want to pass on the spirit of Valencia CF to the next generation, with innovative projects that harness new technology and creativity.


Valencianistas have always been known for their solidarity at decisive moments with those in need. The VCF Foundation channels this spirit of solidarity that flows through our veins to all initiatives that serve to help worthy causes and underprivileged groups. We want to give back to our society all the support we receive from our fans.

The doors of the VCF Foundation are always open to cooperation with all entities that share our values, social and charitable  interests.


At the VCF Foundation we understand education is a value that goes beyond academic grounding. We want to promote innovation in sport in various fields such as medicine, physical education, sports law and technology; and continue promoting different Masters Degrees, seminars, conferences and specialised courses offered at our reputable training centre.

We encourage collaboration with universities and educational institutions and promote healthy habits among our supporters and our society.

In short, we share the desire to convert the Valencia CF Foundation into a recognised and beloved institution. A Valencian and Valencianista institution, acknowledged for its values, its social commitment and its activities on behalf of our region, that fills with pride not only fans of Valencia CF, but the whole of our society.

Welcome to the new Valencia CF Foundation.