Valencia CF08 May 2024

Sergi Canós: “We have a lot of confidence in ourselves, we are not dead”

Valencia CF’s striker speaks to VCF Media

Valencia CF attacker, Sergi Canós, has spoken to VCF Media to analyze the team's season and the next LALIGA EA Sports 23-24 match against Rayo Vallecano. In the first leg against Rayo, the player from Nules scored the winning goal.

Jaume Domènech

His injury has been a blow for the whole squad. Jaume is there, he helps you on a daily basis, he supports you when you are not playing, he encourages you when you do... he unites the dressing room, he is a very necessary person and you see him working so hard throughout the year and being better than many people always working on a daily basis and when he has the opportunity what happened to him happens, it is a blow because you feel it even more because of what he means to the dressing room. It is an injury that he will overcome and he will be back to 100% for the preseason.  

Locker room

We are very well, although these three defeats sting, but in a way that this year we have shown many things and they sting in the sense that it makes us angry that now, when we had to take our chances, they have escaped us. They have escaped us because of details. You learn from everything, from the demands of that match, from many things that this shield demands of you. Nobody remembers last year and we are now fighting for very big things and we have to learn because that is the demand.

Last stretch of the season

In the same way that at the beginning of the season so many things were said and everything was so negative, we have turned it around. Why can't we do it now”

Great performance in the 23-24 season

We are all giving it the value it has. Yes it's true that now you see yourself soclose, you're touching it with your hands and you have two important games atthe Camp de Mestalla, which is where we've been so strong during the season,and they slip through your fingers because in neither of those two games havewe played bad games. It wasn't a clear domination of the other team. We have alot of confidence in ourselves, and we are not dead. We must continue the sameline of the season.


In that period where things didn't go well for us, because of details too, then we had a very good streak. Now, we have 4 games coming up, 2 of which at the Camp de Mestalla, and we have a lot to win.

Union with the fans

We need that same support that we've had all year. We’ve shown who we are and how we want Valencia CF to be and Mestalla has cheered us on and has been spectacular. We need that on Sunday. We are hurt by these two defeats at home, but we must overcome the pain and come back together.

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