Valencia CF04 June 2024


Valencia CF and TM Grupo Inmobiliario, together with LALIGA, Sports + Vitality and Tour España, have organized a new international meeting in Eindhoven (Netherlands) to debate the importance of sustainable tourism as a key to the present and future for both countries.

This day concluded the international tour that Valencia CF and TM Grupo Inmobiliario, the standout company in the responsible residential, hotel and vacation tourism sector and specialists in the construction and promotion of homes along the Mediterranean coast and the Caribbean, have held, together with different collaborating companies in different parts of Europe.

Speakers included Rafael López, Global Business Development Manager at Valencia CF; Jorge Blay, head of European offices at TM Grupo Inmobiliario; Ignacio Valle, director of the Spanish Tourism Office in the Netherlands; Andrea Oriol Valls, delegate for LALIGA Global Network Benelux; and Arno Hermans, co-founder of Sports + Vitality, who addressed the different strategic approaches to sustainability and its application in different sectors.

Valle highlighted the importance of implementing sustainable models in the tourism sector: “We promote international tourism to our country in a market as important as that of the Netherlands. For years, at Tour España we have focused on the sustainability of our tourism model and ensuring that tourist flows help us make our model more sustainable. In this event, professionals from different sectors have jointly reflected on this challenge that we share.”

Oriol, LALIGA Global Network Benelux delegate, considered the international cycle of international meetings focused on sustainable tourism a success: “We have organized several very satisfactory events and with this last one, held in Eindhoven, the commitment that LaLiga, Valencia CF and TM Grupo Inmobiliario have to their international expansion and their commitment to sustainable development have been demonstrated.

Valencia CF's López praised the framework for this latest international meeting: “For Valencia CF it has been a pleasure to have been able to be part of this event, in a stadium as iconic as that of PSV Eindhoven, as part of the international strategy that we are deploying together with our Main Global Partner TM Grupo Inmobiliario. It is important that relevant figures in the tourism industry meet to discuss sustainability and its ability to add value to the tourism industry, linking it to professional football.”

Hermans, co-founder of Sports + Vitality, who highlighted the transformative capacity of sectors such as sports, tourism, entertainment or construction and their necessary collaboration to promote change and create a more sustainable future. : “We are creating history together, building a sustainable approach to apply in sports, tourism and many other sectors, which will make us proud of the future we are building.”

Finally, Jorge Blay of TM Grupo Inmobiliario reflected that “it has been incredible to see how the issue of sustainability is so important for sectors as diverse as tourism, construction or sports, and the enormous acceptance that this international tour that has taken us to Luxembourg, Stockholm and Eindhoven has had.”

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