Valencia CF25 March 2024

Valencia CF surpasses the 5 million followers on TikTok 

Valencia CF continues to grow in its digital growing in its digital strategy

Valencia CF surpasses the 5 million mark (5.2) on the well-known social network TikTok. This Valencianista profile has more than 21 million 'likes', following its launch in 2020.

Valencia CF remains firm in its commitment to social networks and to reach all audiences. With a presence on many social networks and with messages and with messages adapted to each of them, the Club has strengthened its presence on TikTok, the most popular social network in the world.

In addition, in this great commitment of the Club to social networks and, specifically, to TikTok, Valencia CF launched its own account of its beloved mascot AMUNT.

A fact that makes it a pioneer in Spanish football due to the creation of a profile for its mascot.

At the international level, the Club positions the content on this platform based on its strategic markets (Middle East North Africa, North America, and China) and also works with TikTok itself for the daily management of the community and the detection of current trends. Valencia CF has been used as an example of a success and for LALIGA due to the content published.

Valencia CF has also become one of the reference clubs within LALIGA's Impulso Plan. Valencia CF stands out in its Digital Strategy thanks to its social media plan, activations with 'influencers', the expansion of languages in the content and joint projects with LALIGA for the dynamization of content platforms in different countries.

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