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VCF's first team welcome Wakayama and Kanazawa academies 

The Valencia CF coach and players welcomed the players from the VCF Academy Wakayama and VCF Academy Kanazawa.

is no coincidence that the first Valencia CF international academies were born in Japan more than a decade ago. The Mestalla club sowed a seed there with that mythical visit in 1979 -with Kempes and Arias at the helm- and sowed it again in 2004 on a new tour after having won the double at a time when the current Valencia CF coach, Rubén Baraja, was one of the team's great references.

That seed germinated more than a decade ago at the VCF Academy in Japan, run by Yoshio Nakatani since 2010, making them the oldest VCF Academies that the club has in various strategic markets in Asia, Europe and America.

Training Experience at Ciutat Esportiva 

A large representation of players from the VCF Academies in Wakayama and Kanazawa recently visited the Valencia CF Ciutat Esportiva to enjoy a Training Experience and learn more about the working methodology of the VCF Academy, the fourth best in Europe in the training of players to compete at the elite level, according to the October 2023 report of the CIES Football Observatory.

"It has been a very different experience that has been very exciting for us," concluded Taisei Daiku from the VCF Academy Wakayama, who along with his teammates was also able to enjoy Valencia CF's victory over Athletic Club at Mestalla.


The experience in Valencia for our VCF Academies of Wakayama and Kanazawa was completed with a surprise, when they were able to greet and be photographed at the Valencia CF Ciutat Esportiva with the first team players and coach Rubén Baraja, who took an interest in their progress and encouraged them to continue working for Valencia CF in Japan in the regions of Kanazawa and Wakayama, which were recently affected by a strong earthquake.

 The experience was unique. And Yoshio did not miss the opportunity to have his photo taken with Baraja, one of his greatest references, who with his football entered the history of Valencia CF and from a distance helped to sow the seeds of passion for Valencia CF in Japan.


The VCF Soccer Camps, international alliances, technical consultancy and VCF Soccer Academy that the VCF Academy has in strategic markets in North America, Europe, Africa and Asia are all part of the VCF Soccer Academy Programs that help to expand the Valencia CF brand and what its colours symbolise globally.

This Internationalisation Strategy has been a finalist in the World Football Summit Awards 2023

In 2023, more than 5000 players and more than 50 countries have participated in these VCF Soccer Academy Programs, which in addition to spreading the image of Valencia CF and its philosophy around the world, aims to bring the Valencia CF training methods to any part of the planet and spread the values that always accompany this Club, making the participants enjoy and learn from the hand of the best professionals of the Valencia CF Academy

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